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Powering your investment products

Our Investing-as-a-Service platform has everything you need to launch your own investment products.

Investing as-a-Service.  Cache.  Get your product into market.

We put investments into market

Cache is a Fund Manager and a tech company.  You can integrate our fully digital investment products directly into your existing app, website or other platform through our modern APIs. We have mastered the technical and regulatory complexities of investing, so that you can focus on what's really important: your brand and your customers.


Create your own investment product with our powerful APIs

Custom investment strategies

We support a variety of strategies from custom trading algorithms to single-stocks and passive ETF strategies.

KYC and onboarding

We conduct KYC and AML checks on all your customers so you don’t have to.  Just integrate your sign-up flow with our APIs and we’ll get to work.

Payment integrations

We process payments via direct debit, direct credit or from other sources. If you hold customer accounts, its likely we can integrate with those too.

Your customers, your brand

Our APIs disappear behind your frontend, allowing you to deliver a seamless experience to your customers under your brand.


Why you should work with Cache

Investing as-a-Service.  Cache.  Most fast with confidence.

Speed to market

We launch product reliably and efficiently.  Most products can launch in 8 – 12 weeks from signing.

Modern and scalable technology

Our Investing-as-a-Service platform is based on modern RESTful APIs and operate in scalable cloud infrastructure.

Reduce execution risk

Leverage our AFSL, compliance arrangements and financial infrastructure to reduce risk. Launch product with confidence – it’s being done right.

Customer ownership

We are 100% B2B2C.  We work for you.  You retain full control of your customer relationships.


What our clients say about us

Cache have been fantastic.  They worked with us collaboratively to develop a truly innovative new product and put it into market quickly, efficiently and legally.  They have allowed us to move fast as a company and break some really exciting new ground.  Recommend highly.

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