Micro-Investing Apps

Your end-to-end solution for building and launching a powerful fintech product without the complexity


Over the last 12 months, the number of micro-investing accounts held by Australians has more than doubled in size to 1.3m.


​If you're interested in offering your own micro-investing product, Cache can help you capitalise on this unprecedented opportunity with speed and confidence.


Cache offers an end-to-end investment platform that includes everything you need to offer an investment product to your customers in an engaging mobile experience.

Empower your customers with Australia’s #1 Investing-as-a-Service platform

Benefits of  
the Cache platform


Launch in 90 days

Leverage our replicable investment process to reliably launch products without delay.  


Avoid compliance and Red Tape

We manage all the compliance and regulatory frameworks for your product, minimising risk and delays.


Avoid budget and schedule blowouts

Partner with an expert team with a track record of execution to ensure your product is delivered without surprises. 


Enjoy the efficiencies of scale from day 1

Offer an experience that is maintained to state of the art levels for your customers to enjoy.


Use a turn-key solution to avoid  technical integration

With a full-stack micro-investing app, you can launch to your customers without any in-house technical development or integration. 

Spriggy Invest

Building financial literacy through the generations

Spriggy has built a community of over 500,000 users with their pocket money, debit card and financial literacy offering intended for parents and children.

They chose Cache to power Spriggy Invest, through which their entire user base can now establish investing accounts for their children, building their wealth ahead of time while providing them with crucial investor education.


Features of the  Cache platform


White-label managed  investment scheme

We register a fund with ASIC under our AFSL inline with your strategy. 


White-label mobile application

Offer a state of the art mobile application under your brand. 


White-label mobile application

Provide support to your customers using our comprehensive customer record and administration portal. 


Modern RESTful APIs 

Leverage the speed and agility of a modern and scalable cloud interface.


White-label PDS

Offer an investment product tailored to your customers with our compliant and rigorous PDS templates.