Fintech Startups  And Scaleups

Launch your invest-tech vision with speed and confidence, backed by Australia’s #1 Investing-as-a-Service company.

Fintechs need to move fast and get traction in market without breaking the bank.

They need partners that take a long-term view on the relationship and are willing to support them into market quickly and affordably.


End-to-end invest-tech support

Cache enables you to establish a fractionalised investment rewards program by offering an end-to-end investment service that covers everything you need.


Low barriers to entry

Financial literacy through the generations

We want Fintechs to thrive and we know cost can be a massive hurdle to getting a Fintech business off the ground.  We take a long-term view and support new Fintechs to get into market without breaking the bank.

If you're seeking to launch your company's first product, ask about our startup pricing options.


Move fast and get traction

We know Fintechs need to move fast and demonstrate traction in-market as soon as possible. Take advantage of our established and replicable systems to launch product in 120 days or less.

We have a track record of delivery. We set ambitious targets and we deliver.

Reduced execution risk

The market is littered with Fintechs that suffered from a 'failure to launch' and there are no points for second place.

Double-down on what matters most, your customers and your unique value proposition, and outsource the rest to a reliable execution partner with a record of success. 


No regulatory worries

Fintech is hard and the regulatory burden can be crippling to many emerging companies in the space.

Leverage the compliance and regulatory framework of a company with a track record of success.


Christian Ecklemann

Founder of Upstreet

Cache have been fantastic. They worked with us collaboratively to develop a truly innovative new product and put it into market quickly, efficiently and legally. They have allowed us to move fast as a company and break some really exciting new ground. Recommend highly.


Micro-Investing App

Leverage our proven front-end capability to launch your product on our off-the-shelf white-label micro-investing app.


Micro-Investing API

Build your own front-end and access your investment product via our robust and scalable RESTful API.